mercoledì 24 giugno 2020

"Invasione Monobanda Vol.3" Out

"Invasione Monobanda" Vol. 3 is finally out and available through Dead Music Roma & Rotten Babuino.

This beautiful 7inch features myself, O Lendario Chucrobillyman (Brazil), Jacob T. Skeen (USA), Branquias Johnson (Spain) and it sounds great!

My track "Light Bearer Song" recorded by Wolfman Bob, mixed by Guglielmo Nodari and mastered by Pisi. 

Artwork by #klauskoti.

👉You can support Invasione Monobanda Festival by purchasing this limited edition slice of wax.

Grab it, spin it, play it for a friend and spread the correct virus!

Long live the monobanda!

venerdì 8 maggio 2020

New Live Album out!

Deer friends and TBAY supporters,
I've always wanted to put out a live album and I've always postponed the idea 'cause I was too busy being on tour.
Now I can't go on tour and you won't be able to see me perform for a while, so I thought this would be a good chance for you to hear The Blues Against Youth live show anyway and a good chance for me to keep alive and motivated.
"Live at Henry's Blueshouse" is coming out May 1st on my Bandcamp page.

The album is available only in digital for now. 
Recorded last January 28th in Birmingham during my UK tour, these 9 tracks consist of the one-man band set I performed at the Bull's Head. The show was promoted by Jim Simpson and Tim Jennings on behalf of Big Bear Music, captured by Sarah Yang and edited by Nick Hart. The release has been produced in full collaboration with Henry's Blueshouse at The Bull's Head and Big Bear Music.
That evening was magical and it was a great pleasure to meet this nice crowd of blues lovers, play and talk to them, sharing stories about music and records.
The kind of spirit that pushed me to get this recording out despite of the tragic situation that me and thousands of touring musicians are coping with  can be summarized by Jim Simpson's wise words:

"If there was ever a time for The Blues to step forward and take centre stage – then this is it!

When all things seem to point to this being the end of civilisation as we know it then it’s time for Mr Blues to come to town.

Henry’s Blueshouse might be closed for a little while, but the magic is still there inside us all, and it seems only right to keep the spirit going and continue to share The Blues and inspire each other until the good times are rolling again.

So here’s where you come in."

The tracklist, mostly based on my latest LP "Evil Flatmates" includes a few traditional, one Mississippi John Hurt's and some TBAY's classic...

1. I dreamt of my dog last night / Poor boys long ways from home
2. Injectors
3. Tucano Bar Club
4. Spike Driver Blues
5. Medium Size Star Bound
6. Hey, Crazy Mama
7. Uncle's Blues
8. Ain't Gonna Be The One Who Hurts You
9. Tom Dooley 

All songs written and arranged by Gianni TBAY except "Poor Boys" (Trad. Arrang. John Fahey), "Spike Driver Blues" (By Mississippi John Hurt) and "Tom Dooley" (Trad. Arrang. by Doc Watson)

Photography: Bradley Pearce
Graphic project: Gianni TBAY

The video of the whole set is available on TBAY's and Henry's Blueshouse Youtube channels.

Feel free to watch, share and subscribe to both channels!
a big virtual squeeze to everybody in there!
we'll be back!

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2020

Review TBAY show at 100 Club in London

Looks like Simon Kidd at MMH Radio UK liked my set at the legendary 100th Club in London.

That was a hell of a night!

" [...] Never has a native Italian played country blues this well, the bar had been raised and I will not be at all surprised if the name Gianni Tbay is a household name in the future, especially across the Atlantic where his type of bluegrass country blues will be lapped up.

domenica 12 gennaio 2020


TBAY back in the UK!

Tour kicks off on January 22nd in London, where I'll be performing London Blues Festival right before Popa Chubby at 100 Club.
After that I'm gonna hit several other cities, most of which I have never played before, sharing the stage with my friends The Anteloids in Northampton and Rugby, with mr. King Size Slim in Hastings, being guest of Black Sabbath's former manager Jim Simpson at Henry's Blueshouse in Birmingham, and playing some numbers at the legendary Cavern Pub in Liverpool on Ian Prowse's Monday Nights at Cavern Pub.

I can't wait for this tour to begin! See you all soon!

Shows scheduled as follows

UK TOUR 2020


Wed 22 – London (UK)@ January Blues Festival

Thu 23 – Northampton  (UK) @ The Garibaldi Hotel w/ The Anteloids
Fri 24 – Rugby (UK) @ The Alexandra Arms w/ The Anteloids
Sat 25 – Sheffield (UK) @ The Dorothy Pax
Sun 26 – Leeds (Uk) @ Northern Guitars (early show  4pm)
Mon 27 – Liverpool (UK) @ Monday Club at Cavern Pub
Tue 28 – Birmingham (UK) @ Henry’s Blueshouse At The Bull's Head
Wed 29 – off
Thu 30 – Peterborough (UK) @ The Ostrich Inn
Fri 31 –  Canterbury (UK) @ The New Inn


Sat 1 –  Hastings  (UK) @ Jenny Lind  w/ King Size Slim
Sun 2 – London tba

mercoledì 11 dicembre 2019


Here's the next shows in December in Italy.

Looking forward to meeting all of you friends along this upteenth road bash through the Boot!

12.12 - Castel D'Ario (I) @ Il Chiosco - Castel d'Ario

14.12 - Tuscania (I) @ Mag ConceptStore
18.12 - Centocelle (RM) @ CSOA Forte Prenestino /Pub 12 de tutto.
19.12 - Valmontone, Roma (I) @ Les Maudits
20.12 - Perugia (I) @ Kandisky Pub
21.12 - Roma (I) @ Inferno Store - Roma
22.12 - Blues Garden Home Restaurant - private show
25.12 - Terni (I) @ Mishima
26.12 - Roma (I) @ Luppolo Station
28.12 - Reggio Emilia (I) @ La Ghirba
29.12 - Parma (I) @ Splinter Club

venerdì 15 novembre 2019

"Far Out Of Hand" music video out & Three men band shows

New TBAY's music video "Far Out Of Hand" is out now on my Youtube page
Written, directed and edited by Lucio Viglierchio.

Featuring my friend Maria Mallol Moya (Lame, Natura Morta) on drums.

Actors: Nicola Lotta and Viola Salis.

"Far Out Of Hand" off the album "Evil Flatmates" out on Annibale Records, 2019.

I can't say thank you enough to everyone involved in the realization of this video, especially Nicola Lotta, Viola Salis, Maria Mallol Moya, Raffaele Orrù, Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, and Lucio who wrote, directed and edited it.

Feel free to watch and share!

Next week I will join forces again with my brothers in arms @Gianni Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (drums) and Silva Cantele (bass) for a fistful of shows in France and Italy.
You can't miss out on this!

21.11 – Besançon (F) @ LES PASSAGERS DU ZINC
22.11 – Valence (F) @ Jean Louis Le Saloon
23.11 – Bédarieux (F) @ House Party w/ Jacob Wild
24.11 – Marseille (F) @ La Salle Gueule
25.11 – Cuneo (I) @ Boto’s

"Evil Flatmates" LP is still hot, get your copy before they're over.

martedì 6 agosto 2019

TBAY NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 2019 - The Return of Lost Heydays and Tourdates with DM Bob

Hello dear TBAY fellows, 

since the robots from Mailchimp kicked me out of their platform, this Newsletter has turned into some kind of ghost that gleams on and off the net with no apparenlty logic... but believe me, there's more than a plan behind. Despite it might not look like that, we're working hard and doctors say we're completely in control! 

Hence it's time to give your overloaded brains full of toxic news and everyday's misery a little rest and make you chill out with an injection of music-fueled positive energy! 

Take a seat, get a cold drink and just read on!  


After about a half year break, me and Joost Dijkema are gonna join forces again and hit some stages in The Netherlands as the Lost Heydays!

Make sure you don't miss the next shows!

"forgotten tales from the music graves
On Tour!

22.8 – Groningen (NL) @ Noorderzon Groningen 
23.8 – Groningen (NL) @ De Souffleur
24.8 – Raalte (NL) @ Taveerne Tivoli
25.8 - Beilen (NL) @ De Cerck

It will be a triple set as usual with each of us performing in solo and together in the end.

Joost Dijkema - banjo / guitar / vocals
Gianni TBAY - guitar / footdrums / vocals


Poster drawn by Joost Dijkema
Layout by Gianni Tbay


Once returned to Italy I will join the legendary Crypt Records' era musician song-writer DM Bob for a fistful of shows in Italy. 

I've always been a huge fan of Dm Bob & The Deficits as they've been a prominent influence to TBAY music, so when he gave me a call from a Library's phone booth in Lousiana offering to tour together I got my heart jumping into my mouth, and I was barely able to say "ok Bob I'm in!" 

On top of all that, Bob has drawn this amazing Tour Poster and he's gonna bring some extra art paintings he made to sell at the gigs. 

You're not missing this, are you?   

There will be again, three sets: me as TBAY, DM Bob solo, and then we're gonna do some numbers together for the health of your soul and your mind!

The shows are scheduled as follows, we still have an open date on September the 12th though. 

Get in touch at if you wanna book us. 

Wed 11.9 – Torino (I) @ Blah Blah
Thu 12.9 – TBA
Fri  13.9 – Jesi (I) @ Mancave 
Sat  14.9 – Cavriglia, Arezzo (I) @ Abbomba 
Sun 15.9-  Roma (I) @ Luppolo Station 

Get ready when the DUAL ONE MAN BAND EXTRAVAGANZA hit your town!
There won't be prisoners! 


As displayed already on my cutting-edge fancy posts on the socials, our store is alive and well and we gave it a little re-fresh by adding up a few old & new items as well as the unbelivable SUMMER DEAL BUNDLES that will satisfy your lowest needs of having more items for the lowest price ever! In one single package delivered to you. 

Discount will last till the end of August , before and after then, feel free to purchase some TBAY Merch and support my next releases and tours to come.