venerdì 8 maggio 2020

New Live Album out!

Deer friends and TBAY supporters,
I've always wanted to put out a live album and I've always postponed the idea 'cause I was too busy being on tour.
Now I can't go on tour and you won't be able to see me perform for a while, so I thought this would be a good chance for you to hear The Blues Against Youth live show anyway and a good chance for me to keep alive and motivated.
"Live at Henry's Blueshouse" is coming out May 1st on my Bandcamp page.

The album is available only in digital for now. 
Recorded last January 28th in Birmingham during my UK tour, these 9 tracks consist of the one-man band set I performed at the Bull's Head. The show was promoted by Jim Simpson and Tim Jennings on behalf of Big Bear Music, captured by Sarah Yang and edited by Nick Hart. The release has been produced in full collaboration with Henry's Blueshouse at The Bull's Head and Big Bear Music.
That evening was magical and it was a great pleasure to meet this nice crowd of blues lovers, play and talk to them, sharing stories about music and records.
The kind of spirit that pushed me to get this recording out despite of the tragic situation that me and thousands of touring musicians are coping with  can be summarized by Jim Simpson's wise words:

"If there was ever a time for The Blues to step forward and take centre stage – then this is it!

When all things seem to point to this being the end of civilisation as we know it then it’s time for Mr Blues to come to town.

Henry’s Blueshouse might be closed for a little while, but the magic is still there inside us all, and it seems only right to keep the spirit going and continue to share The Blues and inspire each other until the good times are rolling again.

So here’s where you come in."

The tracklist, mostly based on my latest LP "Evil Flatmates" includes a few traditional, one Mississippi John Hurt's and some TBAY's classic...

1. I dreamt of my dog last night / Poor boys long ways from home
2. Injectors
3. Tucano Bar Club
4. Spike Driver Blues
5. Medium Size Star Bound
6. Hey, Crazy Mama
7. Uncle's Blues
8. Ain't Gonna Be The One Who Hurts You
9. Tom Dooley 

All songs written and arranged by Gianni TBAY except "Poor Boys" (Trad. Arrang. John Fahey), "Spike Driver Blues" (By Mississippi John Hurt) and "Tom Dooley" (Trad. Arrang. by Doc Watson)

Photography: Bradley Pearce
Graphic project: Gianni TBAY

The video of the whole set is available on TBAY's and Henry's Blueshouse Youtube channels.

Feel free to watch, share and subscribe to both channels!
a big virtual squeeze to everybody in there!
we'll be back!