martedì 6 agosto 2019

TBAY NEWSLETTER - AUGUST 2019 - The Return of Lost Heydays and Tourdates with DM Bob

Hello dear TBAY fellows, 

since the robots from Mailchimp kicked me out of their platform, this Newsletter has turned into some kind of ghost that gleams on and off the net with no apparenlty logic... but believe me, there's more than a plan behind. Despite it might not look like that, we're working hard and doctors say we're completely in control! 

Hence it's time to give your overloaded brains full of toxic news and everyday's misery a little rest and make you chill out with an injection of music-fueled positive energy! 

Take a seat, get a cold drink and just read on!  


After about a half year break, me and Joost Dijkema are gonna join forces again and hit some stages in The Netherlands as the Lost Heydays!

Make sure you don't miss the next shows!

"forgotten tales from the music graves
On Tour!

22.8 – Groningen (NL) @ Noorderzon Groningen 
23.8 – Groningen (NL) @ De Souffleur
24.8 – Raalte (NL) @ Taveerne Tivoli
25.8 - Beilen (NL) @ De Cerck

It will be a triple set as usual with each of us performing in solo and together in the end.

Joost Dijkema - banjo / guitar / vocals
Gianni TBAY - guitar / footdrums / vocals


Poster drawn by Joost Dijkema
Layout by Gianni Tbay


Once returned to Italy I will join the legendary Crypt Records' era musician song-writer DM Bob for a fistful of shows in Italy. 

I've always been a huge fan of Dm Bob & The Deficits as they've been a prominent influence to TBAY music, so when he gave me a call from a Library's phone booth in Lousiana offering to tour together I got my heart jumping into my mouth, and I was barely able to say "ok Bob I'm in!" 

On top of all that, Bob has drawn this amazing Tour Poster and he's gonna bring some extra art paintings he made to sell at the gigs. 

You're not missing this, are you?   

There will be again, three sets: me as TBAY, DM Bob solo, and then we're gonna do some numbers together for the health of your soul and your mind!

The shows are scheduled as follows, we still have an open date on September the 12th though. 

Get in touch at if you wanna book us. 

Wed 11.9 – Torino (I) @ Blah Blah
Thu 12.9 – TBA
Fri  13.9 – Jesi (I) @ Mancave 
Sat  14.9 – Cavriglia, Arezzo (I) @ Abbomba 
Sun 15.9-  Roma (I) @ Luppolo Station 

Get ready when the DUAL ONE MAN BAND EXTRAVAGANZA hit your town!
There won't be prisoners! 


As displayed already on my cutting-edge fancy posts on the socials, our store is alive and well and we gave it a little re-fresh by adding up a few old & new items as well as the unbelivable SUMMER DEAL BUNDLES that will satisfy your lowest needs of having more items for the lowest price ever! In one single package delivered to you. 

Discount will last till the end of August , before and after then, feel free to purchase some TBAY Merch and support my next releases and tours to come.