venerdì 3 marzo 2017

New 7” record out on Skronk Records!

The Blues Against Youth last effort, “Barbed Times” 7”, will be out on April the 1st on Skronk Records.
This time round, Gianni TBAY has teamed up with his friend G W Nodari on guitar, and they have recorded two new versions of TBAY’s hits “Barbed Times” and “It’s Been A Long Time, Mama”.

Second release for the fresh new-born record label Skronk Records, distributed by Goodfellas, available in physic and digital format.

Black vinyl, 500 copies, 150 of which in linocut handmade print limited edition, available on presales 

The package will include a postcard showing TBAY and G W Nodari playing on the set of “Medium Size Star Bound” music video.

Check out the two songs here below and pre-order your copy at

A few days after the release, The Blues Against Youth will hit the road for a two weeks-tour in Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium.  

European Tour -  April 2017

Wed 5 – Basel (CH) @ Hirschneck   
Thu 6 – Mannheim (DE) @ Kreuzbar   
Fri 7 – Frankfurt (DE) @ Dreikoenigskeller 
Sat 8 – Koln (DE) @  Lizbat   
Sun 9 Groningen (NL) @ Crowbar  
Wed 12  - Meppel (NL) @ Cafe Clouso  
Thu 13 - Amsterdam (NL) @ Checkpoint Charlie
Fri 14 - Rotterdam (NL) @ Tocado 
Sat 15 – Eindhoven (NL) @ The Jack  
Sun 16 -  Liege (BE) @ Lou’s Bar 
Wed 19 – Strasbourg (F) @ Le Local
Thu 20 – Biel (CH) @ Café Du Commerce
Fri 21 – Saint Gallen (CH) @ Rumpeltum

martedì 20 dicembre 2016

:::::::: TBAY NEWSLETTER #12 - DECEMBER 2016 ::::::::

Hi everybody!
Here's Gianni TBAY with my completely random newsletter
sneaking into your mailbox just like a parcel bomb sent from a desolated gas station in the middle of nowhere and ready to go off in your face, throwing off-center your staggering certainties, your paralyzed habits and your long-awaited X-Mas comforts.

Here we go with some TBAY live shows updates,
Euro Tour Report and Music Video Report and even more!

Just read on!
Next Friday, December 23, I will join my friends Guglielmo Nodari and Andrea M Cruciani, respectively on lapsteel guitar and harmonica, to perform a full live set in trio for the "Gran Concerto Di Natale" @ Baraka Bistrot, providing the soundtrack to our favourite artists' exhibition: Maicol & Mirco! Needless to say we're honoured and overexcited about that!
In January I'll be playing a few shows around Italy, trying not to get too much cold and shitty weather!

:::: TBAY :::: Live Update 2016 / 2017

23.12.16 - Roma (I) @ Baraka Bistrot (con la mostra di Maicol&Mirco) - fb event

4.1.17 - Roma (I) @ Blutopia (Record Store)
6.1.17 - Morrovalle (I) @ Drunk In Public
7.1.17 - Terni (I) @ Mishima - fb event

Poster by Maicol&Mirco
"Medium Size Star Bound" new videoclip, that we'd properly call it "Music Video", is still on TBAY YouTube Channel and been scoring plays like it was supposed to be. Many thanks to everyone for watching and liking and sending back enthusiatic responses about the chicken, the chick and my moustache outfit. Me, Stefano Mutolo, Carolina Pezzini, the Chicken and all the nice people involved in the shooting truly appreciated your kind words. Here's a rare lunch break shot...
"...a tale of triumphing over country doldrums and frustration "

James G. Carlson -
The Journal Of Roots Music
 On TBAY Facebook page, I have published a selection of photos from The Making of "Medium Size Star Bound" shot by the director Stefano Mutolo. They all show up the magic atmosphere we lived through. The colors of Tuscany's countryside, wild hungry and brave animals, astonishing crazy country fares, chicken-chasing chicks on the move, it's all there folks, and it worth checking!


The Tour in October/November was a blast! A wide selection of photos available on TBAY Facebook page! Check it out! 

lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

The Blues Against Youth - "Apprentice" review on 


The Blues Against Youth: Apprentice Somewhere, in a hushed place between Vicksburg and Yazoo City, an old riverboat must be chugging under the sun, clumsily pushing its cargo on the cloudy waters of that forgotten river, leading memories firmly astray. The old, Mighty Mississippi is just a few miles down, its stream running parallel to its tired cousin's lazy stroll, its gurgling refrain the longest theme ever heard by the old people chomping tobacco at this time of the day. "A river is a river," some say, but the music it spawns travels as far as its reputation. Until another waterway hears about the first and continues its story. Gianni TBAY was born on the banks of the river Tiber, in Rome, Italy. He doesn't talk much about his hardcore roots these days—never a word too many about the past, his past—but you can hear him talk about the blues, if you like, and explain as it slowly, calmly fills his present.

A one-man band is always worthy of respect. Because the artist must obviously know what he's doing, we like to think he dwells in his voluntary, functional loneliness, and, more importantly, he has to carry a hell of a lot of stuff. Gianni ferries around the skull of a goat too, which must be his companion during his long tours of the Old Continent, where the blues reaches other urban waterways, estuaries and tributaries before pretending to fill a sea or an ocean. The Blues Against Youth is the banner behind which Mr. TBAY (yes, I know) stocks the names he has learned to love and respect: Hank Williams, Guy Clark, probably Jimmie Rodgers, Carl Smith, echoes of an old honky tonk and some Steve Young, because it's good to have him around.

For his third album (the other two, "Pure at Heart Blues" and "Trapped in the Country," from 2011 and 2013 respectively, are definitely worth a spin), The Blues Against Youth has not reinvented his (paddle) wheel, but he has rather focused on the acoustic side of his musical spectrum. True, "Barbed Times" and "Somebody Settles Down" see the obligatory harp (played by guest musician Andrea Cruciani), an electric organ on the title-track -generally speaking all the right ingredients are there for you to say that, yes, this is cool, but why should I be interested? Because the well-known components are there to be toyed with, and the end result is a catchy, dirty and sweaty beast of a record.

The overarching feeling is one of a record which has undeniable live roots, and this is rather clear in the way the tunes develop, perennially swinging from the subtle tempo changes, to the touching cover of "Lonesome Whistle Blow," from the already mentioned Hank Williams. The up-tempo ("Boundless"), the sluggish traits ("Wish Pile Blues"), the slide ("Kep it Goin'") make of Apprentice a little piece of contemporary vintage: too old and too new at the same time, too American-sounding and too European to be appreciated by the purists. This is it, nothing else. This is no Vicksburg or Mississippi Delta here, this is for a place which is no more, this is for a place that will ever be.

Track Listing: Keep It Goin'; Medium Size Star Bound; Barbed Times; Instead Of Nothing; Somebody Settles Down; Lonesome Whistle Blow; Call It Quits; Boundless; Wish Pile Blues; Got Blood In My Rhythm; The Lake; Apprentice.
Personnel: Gianni TBAY: guitars, vocals, hi-hat, bass drum, whistle, spoon-stomp, Margherita Patrignani: backing vocals; Andrea M. Cruciani: harp; Yuri Pierini: guitar; Guglielmo Nodari: electric organ 

Year Released: 2016 | Record Label: Beast Records

martedì 20 settembre 2016

TBAY Newsletter # 11 - September 2016 - New Videoclip and Fall European Tour

Hello everybody! 
Here's Gianni TBAY with my almost-bi-montly, quasi-random newsletter, catching you off guard with a fistful of TBAY's juicy news!

First off, I have made a new videoclip!
The song is called "Medium Size Star Bound", which is also the opening track of my last album "Apprentice".
My friend Stefano Mutolo from Berta Film wrote and directed it and called up some friends to make it happen. So we moved to the countryside, and shot all the scenes in two days.
The result, we might describe it as a grotesque modern western comedyfull of nature and animals, it totally exceeded our humble expectations!  
My best thanks go out to Stefano, Stefano Petti, Carolina, Guglielmo and all the humans and animals involved in the project. The videoclip will be officially premiered in Roma @ Baraka Bistrot next wednesday and it will be available a bit later on Youtube!
For now you can check this mysterious trailer beside. Click on it!  
Watch it after eating!
Hail to the Pigs! 
Anyway, other than those cinema star swaggering...
I'm here to say that I'm back on track and bound to hit the road again!
Right before embarking on my next European Tour, I'll be warming up with four shows in Italy...

including the opening show for Joe Buck Yourself in Torino!

21.9.16 - Roma (I) @ Baraka Bistrot
23.9.16 - Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo (I) @ QQ Social Caffè
24.9.16 - Ancona (I) @ Hangover
30.9.16 - Torino (I) @ Radio Black Out w/ Joe Buck Yourself

"Apprentice Tour - Fall 2016" will start on October the 6th and is scheduled to conclude on the 29th.

...Here's the shows! 

Thu 6 – Linz (A) @ Kapu
Fri 7 – Wien (A) @ Einbaumöbel
Sat 8 – Prague (CZ) @ Klub Famu
Sun 9 - Leipzig (DE) @ Zwille
Mon 10 – Chemnitz (DE) @ Subbotnik
Tue 11 – Dresden (DE) @ Chemiefabrik
Thu 13 – Saarbrücken (DE) @ Fasanerie
Fri 14 – Solingen (DE) @ Waldmeister
Sat 15 - TBA
Sun 16 - Nijmegen (NL) @ Opoe Sientje (early show)
Mon 17 – Bruxelles (BE) @ Chaff
Tue 18 – Torhout (BE) @ private house show
Thu 20 – Lille (F) @ Le Lyautey
Fri 21 – Rouen (F) @ Le 3 Pièces
Sat 22 – Rennes (F) @ Bistrot de la Cite
Sun 23 – Nantes (F) @ No Man’s Land (early show)
Wed 26 – Montreuil, Paris (F) @ La Comedia Michielet
Thu 27 – Reims (F) @ Appart' Café
Fri 28 – Lorrach (DE) @ Heimathafen
Sat 29 – Bern (CH) @ Voodoo Rhythm Store

This amazing Tour Poster has been drawn by my pal Sheriff Perkins' unmistakable hand.
It really blows my mind!

And sure, I'm gonna make a T-shirt out of it...
and possibly a silk-screen-printed poster in limited edition!

I'll bring some with me on tour and...
you'll be able to get yours at the show!
check my shows anytime at

...talkin' about shows, playing bars, rock'n'roll etc...
there are more dates confirmed in November...
Check them out and mark your empty calendars! 

5.11 – Besançon (F) @ Bar de l'U
7.11 - Lyon (F) @ Le Trokson
12.11 - Geneve (CH) @ Le Cabinet
14.11 - Milano (I) @ Gattò
17.11 – Ponte Buggianese, Pistoia (I) @ La Taverna Della Musica
18.11 – Livorno(I) @ La Bodeguita
24.11 – Brescia (I) @ Red Dog
25.11 – Feldkirch (AT) @ Graf Hugo
26.11 – Novara (I) @ Old Tower
Meanwhile, my latest LP "Apprentice" has been doing good and gaining gratifying responses from international press...

Here's some extracts...
“[...] that rarest of beasts, a blues album that appeals to purists and neophiles alike. Firmly rooted in delta and country blues but infused with a 21st century suss and swagger, it's suitable for back-porch or boutique festival alike.” Harmonic Distortion (UK)

“[...] With The Blues Against Youth, Gianni doesn't just do the one-man band scene proud in specific; he also possesses a great deal of worth in the international roots scene in general. And the Apprentice release further proves this.” James G. Carlson, No Depression (US)

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

TBAY NEWSLETTER # 10 - May 2016

Hello brothers and sisters,
it's me again, with my almost-monthly newsletter, letting you know about my next moves...

The second leg of the "Apprentice" Tour will kick off in Marseille on May the 11th and it's scheduled to conclude in Milano on the 22nd. Dates scheduled as follows:

Zuma Booking & Deer It Yourself proudly present:

"Apprentice" Tour Leg II - May 2016
France - Suisse - Italia

11.5 – Marseille (F) @ Machine A Coudre
12.5 – Toulouse (F) @ Le Ravelin
13.5 –  Bordeaux (F) @ Wunderbar
14.5 – Saint-Brieuc (F) @ Café de la Poste
15.5 – Saint-Brieuc (F) @ Café de la Poste
18.5 – Rennes (F) @ Bistrot de la Citè
19.5 – Paris (F) @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire
20.5 – Saint Etienne (F) @ Thunderbird Lounge
21.5 – Geneve (CH) @ Le Cabinet
22.5 – Milano (I) @ Upcycle

for any update check my website anytime at

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

TBAY's new album out and upcoming tour!

The wait is over… again! 

But this time for real, not a mere marketing trick, but a real announcement!

Apprentice”, my third  full length album is out today on Beast Records

"Apprentice" | LP (BR192)

A1 - Keep It Goin'
A2 - Medium Size Star Bound
A3 - Barbed Times
A4 - Instead Of Nothing
A5 - Somebody Settles Down
A6 - Lonesome Whistle Blow

B1 - Call It Quits
B2 - Boundless
B3 - Wish Pile Blues
B4 - Got Blood In My Rhythm
B5 - The Lake
B6 - Apprentice

buy LP here (Beast Records)
buy CD / digital here

For such important and exciting event there’s no better celebration than a 3-weeks tour around Europe, riding with a 80s Westfalia van named Ennio and its owner, mister Belly Hole Freak. He’s a long time friend and a talented musician I’ll have the pleasure to share the stage and travel with.  
So we ’ll be hitting the road (actually we already are NOW) and playing a fistful of gigs around Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland… We’re really motivated to rock the hell out of you so make sure you godless people come over and party with us!

Amazing poster by Susanna Doccioli, shows scheduled as follows:

European Tour - March 2016

1.3 – La Chaux De Fonds (CH) @ La Machine à Trucs
2.3 – Inns (CH) @ Shouxenhaus
3.3 – Delemont (CH) @ Sas Music Club
4.3 –  La Louviere (BE) @ Taverne Du Theatre
5.3 – Amiens (F) @ Acqueil Froid
7.3 – Kortrijk (BE) @ The Pit’s
8.3 – Paal (BE) @ Durango Sessions (radio show)
9.3 – Meppel (NL) @ Café Clouso
10.3 – Bruxelles (BE) @ Eno Atelier 
11.3 – Antwerp (BE) @ Bar Bakeliet
12.3 – Aarschot (BE) @ De Witte Giraf
13.3 – Helmond (NL) @ Lokaal 42
15.3 – Rouen (F) @ La Tavarne De Thor
16.3 – Nantes (F) @ La Scéne Michelet
17.3 – Basel (CH) @ Renee Bar
18.3 –  Zurich (CH) @ Gonzo Club
19.3 – Luzern (CH) @ The Bruch Brothers
20.3 – Saint Gallen (CH) @ Rumpeltum

Just returned home, I will play Magazzino Sul Po in Torino as official release party and on the next weekend I’ll be performing at the One Man Band Festival#2 in Selestat, France opening for Reverend Beat-Man

25.3 – Torino (I) @ Magazzino Sul Po – “Apprentice” Release Party
1.4. – Selestat (F) One Man Band Festival w / Reverend Beat-Man
So far so cool!
Push the blues against youth!