" [...] At first one might be tempted to simply insert The Blues Against Youth's sound under "roots rock," but that doesn't quite do it justice. Nearly, mind you, but not quite.
With a hollow-bodied electric six-string guitar, kick drum, voice, whistle, hi-hat, and an unusual piece of stomp percussion he calls his "invisible iron snare," he has developed his sound from a slower, more organic and traditional one to what it is now -- raw, gritty blues coupled with dirty, primitive rock'n'roll and outsider country." 
 James G. Carlson, one man band examiner

“The Blue Against Youth’s  raison d’ĂȘtre is to distil the essence of the past into something once more pure and while the sound might well be dirty, the concept is as pure as the driven snow all the way through these twelve tracks.”  Bluesbunny.com

country rock primitive one man experiment


Hailing from Rome, Italy, The Blues Against Youth is a one man band project led by Gianni TBAY who performs vocals, guitar, bassdrum, hi-hat and whistles simultaneously. His sound comes directly from the seventies, looks back at the old country tradition of Hank Williams and smirks at the sixties, moving towards some gritty rock’n’roll filled with a punk attitude. 
TBAY has been rocking around since 2009, performed over 800 shows in all Europe, released three full-length albums (“Pure At Heart Blues” in 2011 , “Trapped In The Country” in 2013 and "Apprentice" in 2016) and five 7”. In 2017 TBAY unleashed two new releases: "Barbed Times" 7" out on Skronk Records, and the 10" "Good Morning Bad Feeling/Deprecation Road" out on Beast Records, this last one premiered at the Binic Festival in July 2017. TBAY is currently touring in Europe.  


“BECOME THE WHYSKEY” – 7” (Brigadisco, Burning Sound, 2010)
“SPLIT W/ THE RIBEYE BROTHERS” – 7” (Escape From Today, 2011)
“PURE AT HEART BLUES” – LP (Primitive Records, Sonatine Produzioni, 2011)
“YOU SAID I PRAISE THE DEVIL?” EP– 7” (Deer It Yourself, 2012)
“TRAPPED IN THE COUNTRY” LP (Off Label Records, 2013)
“DOTTED WHITE LINE” SPLIT W/ THE CYBORGS – 7” (Bloody Sound Fucktory, 2014)
“APPRENTICE” – LP (Beast Records, 2016)
“BARBED TIMES” – 7" (Skronk Records, 2017)

More in-depth (but not up-to-date) biography:

The Blues Against Youth is a music project entirely run and managed by Gianni TBAY on guitar, voice, bassdrum, hi-hat, whistle and the "invisible iron snare". All instruments are played simultaneously during his one man shows.
Firstly inspired by country gold such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe, TBAY develops a mixture of grooves passing through 70's rock of Lynyrd and Zeppelin era, coming back to primitiveness of delta blues fathers and moving towards something muddier and overwhelming.

The 'country-rock primitive one man experiment' moved its first steps playing in its hometown Roma (It), and shortly thereafter touring Italy, Germany and Switzerland. A more acoustic approach characterizes the first TBAY incarnation. Slowed down blues, country-rock songs and some Hank Williams covers were recorded by Benu of Come'n'Go in Biel (CH) during 2009. Some DIY cdr demos like "Savage demo takes vol.1" and "tbay 2009" were hand-made and given around.

Once found his true dimension by switching from acoustic to hollow body guitar, and after turned up the drive of his amplifier, Gianni entered the infamous Snake's Studio in Rome with his friend Cangiarlo Barbati behind the desk. The sessions recorded have to be considered as the first official material from The Blues Against Youth.  
The "Self-Bootlegged But True" cdr, was made in limited copies and handed around at the TBAY shows. People enjoyed it and the performances started to become heavier as the boy's limbs started moving tighter and more precise than the beginning.   

In the summer of 2010, after two years of shows around Italy and Europe The Blues Against Youth released its debut 7" "Become The Whiskey" and left for a 3 weeks tour supporting The Bulemics (Austin, TX) in Europe. They rode and played all over Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Netherlands, very wild shows, including the performance at the legendary Pit's in Kortrjik (BE). Some headlining Italian tours followed and some records were finally sold.

This very first release in 7'' was co-produced by TBAY and some people behind the names of Sonatine Produzioni (Fano, It), Escape From Today (Torino, It), Burning Sound Records (Geneve, CH), Brigadisco Records (Itri, It).

Four Portugal shows in December did very good and concluded the "Become The Whiskey Release Party Tour" in the year 2010.

Once come back to Roma, Gianni started to record his first full-length album at M.House Studio with Mattia Candeloro (Joe Lally, Spiritual Front).
In March 2011 TBAY embarked on his third headlining tour throughout Europe, playing 24 shows and spreading out his new self-produced cd-r "Ripped-Off And Broke", that bore the same tour's name and consisted of unreleased and released material, limited to 150 copies. 

On the course of this tour, thrown off by so many rips-off issues he got through in the so-called "underground" scene, Gianni decided to found his Deer It Yourself Records and press his own records. This further step in TBAY's path stated once and for all his stand-alone attitude and the will to have a total control on what he does. In an era where the term "d.i.y." sounds as a MTV marketing point, TBAY prefers to stay behind the lines, taking care of everything from booking to records and working in co-production with people he knows and trusts only.    

Summer of 2011 saw TBAY's two latest releases: the compilation "Brigadisco 3 - Ulula", by Brigadisco Records, that hosted various Italian musicians such as Spookyman, Davide Lipari, Mombu and many others, and featured the unreleased song  "Opportunities" by TBAY. The second release was the long-announced 7" split with The Ribeye Brothers (USA/Monster Magnet current and ex members) that came out in July 2011 thanks to Deer It Yourself, Escape From Today and Burning Sounds Records.

In September 2011 TBAY released his first full length album "Pure At Heart Blues" and left for a 5-weeks tour in Europe. Many roads around European country are explored and rocked out for more than a year, then a  new 7 " EP comes out on a hot August in 2012.

The yellow-large-holed "You Said I Praise The Devil?" EP is the snapshot of TBAY's new move towards a more acid sound, but at the same time he keeps the country music-side standing proud behind his overdrived amplifier. The record includes three originals and a Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" version to tribute one of TBAY most influential musician.

In promotion of the new 7" TBAY enbarks on "Die WithThe Rat In Your Mouth" Tour, a new European journey that sees him kicking and strumming around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy. He keeps on pushing the blues against youth through several tours and weekends all over Italy and Switzerland till the end of 2012. During these last tours TBAY got the pleasure to play with King Automatic in Karlsruhe, with the Jackets in Martigny and with Bob Log III at Skronk One Man Band Festival in Roma.

In December 2012 Gianni locks himself into the M.House Studio to start tracking his 2nd full length album. Due in March 2013.

The Blues Against Youth got the pleasure and (at times) the displeasure to play with: The Bulemics, Bob Log III, Lo-Lite, Urban Junior, Reverend Beatman, Reverse Cowgirls, Hipbone Slim & The Knee-Tremblers, Delaney Davidson, CW Stoneking, King Automatic, The Stomping Hobos, Miss-Ipi, The Cyborgs, Golden Helmets, Guitou Scumfuck, The Jackets, Long Dong Silver, Antares, Reverse Cowgirls, Guitar Fucker, Sixtyniner,  Mr. Occhio, Uoki Toki,  Davide Lipari, Spooky Man, Belly Hole Freak, Gipsy Rufina, OldSeed, Runaway Brides, Wasted Pido, Movie Star Junkies, O Lendario Chucrobill, Il Muro Del Canto, Skiantos, Angelo Rossi..