martedì 20 dicembre 2016

:::::::: TBAY NEWSLETTER #12 - DECEMBER 2016 ::::::::

Hi everybody!
Here's Gianni TBAY with my completely random newsletter
sneaking into your mailbox just like a parcel bomb sent from a desolated gas station in the middle of nowhere and ready to go off in your face, throwing off-center your staggering certainties, your paralyzed habits and your long-awaited X-Mas comforts.

Here we go with some TBAY live shows updates,
Euro Tour Report and Music Video Report and even more!

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Next Friday, December 23, I will join my friends Guglielmo Nodari and Andrea M Cruciani, respectively on lapsteel guitar and harmonica, to perform a full live set in trio for the "Gran Concerto Di Natale" @ Baraka Bistrot, providing the soundtrack to our favourite artists' exhibition: Maicol & Mirco! Needless to say we're honoured and overexcited about that!
In January I'll be playing a few shows around Italy, trying not to get too much cold and shitty weather!

:::: TBAY :::: Live Update 2016 / 2017

23.12.16 - Roma (I) @ Baraka Bistrot (con la mostra di Maicol&Mirco) - fb event

4.1.17 - Roma (I) @ Blutopia (Record Store)
6.1.17 - Morrovalle (I) @ Drunk In Public
7.1.17 - Terni (I) @ Mishima - fb event

Poster by Maicol&Mirco
"Medium Size Star Bound" new videoclip, that we'd properly call it "Music Video", is still on TBAY YouTube Channel and been scoring plays like it was supposed to be. Many thanks to everyone for watching and liking and sending back enthusiatic responses about the chicken, the chick and my moustache outfit. Me, Stefano Mutolo, Carolina Pezzini, the Chicken and all the nice people involved in the shooting truly appreciated your kind words. Here's a rare lunch break shot...
"...a tale of triumphing over country doldrums and frustration "

James G. Carlson -
The Journal Of Roots Music
 On TBAY Facebook page, I have published a selection of photos from The Making of "Medium Size Star Bound" shot by the director Stefano Mutolo. They all show up the magic atmosphere we lived through. The colors of Tuscany's countryside, wild hungry and brave animals, astonishing crazy country fares, chicken-chasing chicks on the move, it's all there folks, and it worth checking!


The Tour in October/November was a blast! A wide selection of photos available on TBAY Facebook page! Check it out!