lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

TBAY's new album out and upcoming tour!

The wait is over… again! 

But this time for real, not a mere marketing trick, but a real announcement!

Apprentice”, my third  full length album is out today on Beast Records

"Apprentice" | LP (BR192)

A1 - Keep It Goin'
A2 - Medium Size Star Bound
A3 - Barbed Times
A4 - Instead Of Nothing
A5 - Somebody Settles Down
A6 - Lonesome Whistle Blow

B1 - Call It Quits
B2 - Boundless
B3 - Wish Pile Blues
B4 - Got Blood In My Rhythm
B5 - The Lake
B6 - Apprentice

buy LP here (Beast Records)
buy CD / digital here

For such important and exciting event there’s no better celebration than a 3-weeks tour around Europe, riding with a 80s Westfalia van named Ennio and its owner, mister Belly Hole Freak. He’s a long time friend and a talented musician I’ll have the pleasure to share the stage and travel with.  
So we ’ll be hitting the road (actually we already are NOW) and playing a fistful of gigs around Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland… We’re really motivated to rock the hell out of you so make sure you godless people come over and party with us!

Amazing poster by Susanna Doccioli, shows scheduled as follows:

European Tour - March 2016

1.3 – La Chaux De Fonds (CH) @ La Machine à Trucs
2.3 – Inns (CH) @ Shouxenhaus
3.3 – Delemont (CH) @ Sas Music Club
4.3 –  La Louviere (BE) @ Taverne Du Theatre
5.3 – Amiens (F) @ Acqueil Froid
7.3 – Kortrijk (BE) @ The Pit’s
8.3 – Paal (BE) @ Durango Sessions (radio show)
9.3 – Meppel (NL) @ Café Clouso
10.3 – Bruxelles (BE) @ Eno Atelier 
11.3 – Antwerp (BE) @ Bar Bakeliet
12.3 – Aarschot (BE) @ De Witte Giraf
13.3 – Helmond (NL) @ Lokaal 42
15.3 – Rouen (F) @ La Tavarne De Thor
16.3 – Nantes (F) @ La Scéne Michelet
17.3 – Basel (CH) @ Renee Bar
18.3 –  Zurich (CH) @ Gonzo Club
19.3 – Luzern (CH) @ The Bruch Brothers
20.3 – Saint Gallen (CH) @ Rumpeltum

Just returned home, I will play Magazzino Sul Po in Torino as official release party and on the next weekend I’ll be performing at the One Man Band Festival#2 in Selestat, France opening for Reverend Beat-Man

25.3 – Torino (I) @ Magazzino Sul Po – “Apprentice” Release Party
1.4. – Selestat (F) One Man Band Festival w / Reverend Beat-Man
So far so cool!
Push the blues against youth!