mercoledì 8 luglio 2015

Binic Festival, Freak Show, Summer Tour, 600th show celebration and more...

Hello everybody!
This month I've got some fresh updates about my Summer live shows!
I'll be playing a few in Italy in the next two weeks, right before leaving for a 10-days European Tour whose highlight will be the prestigious Binic Folk Festival.
August won't be sleepy either, as I will make some noise at two more Italian festivals,  What Is Rock and Rock Your Head. It looks like it's gonna be a hot summer!

On the course of the tour I will have the great pleasure to be once again a part of the Freak Show Rock 'n' Roll Circus. It's been two years since I joined the guys and travelled with them through Switzerland. It was one of the coolest tour experiences ever, thus I can't wait to rock in Biel and Strasbourg and team up with the freaks once again!

In Montreuil, Paris I will play at the One Man Band Mayhem III alongside my friend Sheriff Perkins, Shake it Like a Caveman and Bang Bang Band Girl.  Check out this awesome poster drawn by the Sheriff!
I will then play two shows at the Binic Folk Festival on July the 31st and August the 1st. I'm very excited about performing there, as I will be sharing the bill with such cool artists as Go!Zilla, Urban Junior, Hipbone Slim and Son Of Dave, among many others. Check the program here.

By coincidence, the show at Binic will be the 600th gig I perform as TBAY... a must-celebrate-or-die event!

To help me keep sane on this umpteenth road bash I couldn't find a better roadie than my friend Marco "Monkey Motherfucker" Ferrarese. The Malaysian-based punk musician, travel journalist, novelist, and general man of many amazing hats ( is gonna come along, shoot and write some real gonzo shit about this ramblin' time around France and Switzerland. We haven't seen each other in a long time and I'm really looking forward to spending some together.
Shows scheduled as follows:


10.7.15 - Torbole (I) @ Bar Hotel Aurora
11.7.15 - Vicenza (I) @ Tony's - house show
12.7.15 - Santi Angeli, Treviso (I) @ Benicio Live Gigs   
15.7.15 - Senigallia (I) @ La Casa Della Grancetta
16.7.15 - Macerata (I) @ Roxy Bar
17.7.15 - L'Aquila (I) @ I Santi 
27.7.15 - Biel (CH) @ Freak Show Rock'n'Roll Circus
29.7.15 - Montreuil, Paris (F) @ La Nouvelle Comedia
30.7.15 - Rennes (F) @ La Bernique Hurlante
31.7.15 - Binic (F) @ Binic Folk Blues Festival
1.8.15 - Binic (F) @ Binic Folk Blues Festival
4.8.15 - Strasbourg (F) @ Freak Show Rock'n'Roll Circus
8.8.15 - Portomaggiore, Ferrara (I) @ What Is Rock? Festival
9.8.15 - Morrovalle (I) @ Drunk In Public
13.8.15 - Montebello Di Bertona, Pescara (I) @ Rock Your Head Festival  

See you on tour soon!

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