giovedì 5 febbraio 2015

Newsletter #4 - February 2015

Hello everybody!
Here I am again with my monthly Newsletter and this cold February 2015 brings very good TBAY news!

First and foremost, I entered the infamous Snake's Studio in Roma last month, and I started tracking my new album with my friend Guglielmo Nodari at the mixing board. I have to say this is gonna be my best record ever! I'm so happy with the sound we got, and I'm looking forward to getting it mixed, mastered and put it out soon.
As usual, I wanted some friends to appear on the record and I'm proud to say this new one will sound a bit different from the others, thanks to my buddies' contribution and to my new addiction: the finger-picking style! It actually changed my music vision by giving me many more harmonic and rhythmic chances and I think it brought my one man band performance to an upper level. What I'm saying is maybe obvious, but anyway... The whole record is filled with a fresh new energy and I can't stop playing guitar now! You're gonna hear something soon!

My latest release in 7", "Dotted White Line", split with The Cyborgs, is still available from Bloody Sound Fucktory's shop. It's a limited run of 300 copies... But there are some left still!

So make your friends a nice looking present! Just one month after Christmas... Catch them off guard! 

The artwork is drawn by the mighty Simone Lucciola.


I'll be playing some shows all over Italy soon, including "Invasione Monobanda" festival in Roma. Furthermore I'm working on my European shows in April and May. Get in touch if you wanna book TBAY in the ol' country!

27.2.15 - Bologna (I) @ Laboratorio L'Isola
28.2.15 - Busto Arsizio (I) @ Millenote
5.3.15 - Botticino, Brescia (I) @ Red dog pub
6.3.15 - Padova (I) @ Al Goto Storto
7.3.15 - Legnago, Verona (I) @ L'Avamposto Torretta
8.3.15 - S. Martino Spino, Modena (I) @ Barcson Vecc
14.3.15 - Pinerolo, Torino (I) @ Caffè Espresso Italia

18.3.15 - Trento (I) @ Circolo dei 33
19.3.15 - Rovereto (I) @ Circolo Operaio Santa Maria
20.3.15 –  Riva Del Garda (TN) @ Antico Caffè Maffei
21.3.15 –  Celle Ligure, Savona (I) @ Osteria Dell'Amor Cieco
27.3.15 - Genova (I) @ Giardini Luzzati
28.3.15 - Roma (I) @ Invasione Monobanda/ Trenta Formiche


My friend film-maker Andrea Parena from the Torino-based production BabyDoc Film wanted me to arrange the music score for his short movie "Birdwatching". So I took my 50's Kay guitar and my slide and started picking over the images in motion.

This is the first time I work on a soundtrack and I'm so excited to take part in this project.

"Dotted White Line" videoclip reached almost 1000 views so far!
Thank you very much for watching and sharing it!

the video was made by Kebab at Kebabvideos